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Exhibition 2022

Once more the Master Digital Design is proud to share some of the best work produced by our students throughout the year.

Our 47 students worked on close to 40 projects between September 2021 and June 2022. Now, we highlight some of the most complex and curious projects.

Design Talks

Join us on 27 and 28 June between 15:00 and 18:00 to hear our students talks about their processes, reflections and discuss it with guest speakers from the design industry.

Free entrance

Location: Master Digital Design, Theo Thijssenhuis, 4th floor room 4B20, Wibautstraat 2, Amsterdam.


You equally have the opportunity to visit our physical exhibition at our studios

Free entrance

Opening hours: 27 & 28 June from 18:00 to 20:00; 29 June from 14:00 to 16:00; 1 July from 11:00 to 12:30.

Location: Master Digital Design, Theo Thijssenhuis, 4th floor rooms 4B25 & 4B30, Wibautstraat 2, Amsterdam


Client: Civic Interaction Design

Team: Anastasia Maimescu, Casper Sterrenburg, Damir Catibovic, Olico Matsjitadze

While the western world has become more open to learn about the LGBTQIA+ community, there is still a lot of work to be done in fighting stereotypes and discrimination. Too many brands and businesses appropriate of the rainbow flag during Pride month without really understanding its meaning or the struggle of many activists throughout history in the fight for LGBTQIA+ rights. Our VR Museum wants to contribute to the education of the public and make knowledge about the community more accessible. READ MORE


Client: Floda31

Team: Alan Ayoubi, Bita Majidi, Casper Sterrenburg, Farideh Bolkhari

Skateboarding, once a small hobby for surfers when waves were low, has now grown into an Olympic sport that many love to put their time in. We were asked to create a digital layer to support this predominantly physical activity. From our conversations with skateboarders, we were faced with three major challenges we could help with. They told us they lack a way to find new places to skate, as well as people to skate with. Lastly, when they’re learning, they would love to be able to receive reliable feedback on their movements. READ MORE


Client: Greenberry

Team: Benjamin Priego Walter, Dusanka Prvulovic, Milena Schwill, Utkarsh Srivastava

What am I feeling? Why do I feel this way? How can I handle this feeling? Understanding yourself has long been a privilege of people with professional help or healthy self-awareness. We believe that digital tools can help teenagers understand their feelings. READ MORE


Client: Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI)

Team: Anouk van Asbeck, Peter Reimer, Rachel Goldman, Tizian Fendt

Cancer survivors often struggle with long-term side effects beyond treatment. Exercise has been proven to diminish these difficulties and improve their quality of life. However, working out independently can be challenging – even if the intention and desire is there. Survivors often do not have confidence in their physical abilities, especially without guidance or supervision. Loops helps cancer survivors form healthy habits. READ MORE


Client: Dietetics and Nutrition Sciences - Amsterdam UMC and Sensorlab

Team: Bharat, Farideh Bolkhari, Hymke Hemstra, Monse Vallejo

Diabetes affects an estimated 422 million people worldwide. The number of cases and prevalence have steadily increased in recent decades, having an impact on people's quality of life. Personalised self-management strategies, such as carb counting, have shown to help people maintain their quality of life. But sometimes, counting carbs to calculate insulin dose can be a difficult task. Blood glucose levels may fluctuate if the dosage is not calculated properly. READ MORE

The tIJd Machine

Client: Architecture Centre Amsterdam (ARCAM)

Team: Gonçalo Melo, Marianna Bonellou, Nina Floor Post, Nupur Priya

Rising water levels are a real threat to the future of Amsterdam and the rest of the world. Studying the past to find solutions for the future may be the key to tackling the crisis which is already at our doorstep. How can we portray this information in a way that is clear and impactful for the public? How can we make a map tell multiple stories at once? READ MORE


Client: Critical Media Lab

Team: Anouk van Asbeck, Michaela Kořistová, Utkarsh Srivastava

Roughly one-third of all food produced around the world is thrown away. That is about 1.3 billion tonnes of household food waste ending up in landfills or combustion sites annually. The majority of people are unaware of how much food they waste on a daily basis, from uneaten leftovers to rotten vegetables to food that could have been easily eaten or reused. Preventing food waste is one of the simplest and most effective ways to save money while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions and conserving natural resources and so lowering your climate change footprint. However, people need help to realize that. READ MORE


Client: Unit 9 Digital Design Agency

Team: Kristiady Hidayat, Jessica Galvão, Camila Cañaveral, Daniela Verisanu

During Covid-19, society saw significant changes, one of the most prominent being remote work. Its benefits include saving time, reducing commute, and catering more to personal needs. Some companies found this to be highly beneficial and are adopting it even in the post-Covid-19 era. But while some professionals fully adapted, some creative professionals struggled since they relied on in-person communication to collaborate in a team. As a designer, organic interactions with your colleagues are essential to creative processes. So how can we enable the creative flow to function remotely while avoiding feelings of disconnection, and alienation?


Client: AUAS

Team: Damir Catibovic, Flavio Valcarce, Gonçalo Melo, Tudor Cora

Food supply chains are plagued by logistical problems from production to manufacturing all the way to the consumer, which makes the economy of the food industry not circular at all. One such problem is that during transportation food ingredients get deteriorated due to bad conditions and lack of monitoring. To solve this problem, our client created sophisticated sensors to measure with high precision the food variables during its transportation. To view the data collected from the food sensors, our client created an app. Our challenge is to elevate the service design of our client's current mobile application to the client’s desired new features’ integration. READ MORE


Client: Booking.com

Team: Dusanka Prvulovic, Paige Lucas-Dean, Peter Reimer, Wenjia Wang

Planning a vacation is fun - until you actually have to book it. Especially because we are used to being inspired by photos and videos on social media, the dry booking process with search queries and countless filters appears to break the experience. Our concept offers a solution to close this gap and make the booking process part of the exciting experience. READ MORE

Groceries for the Future

Client: Amsterdam University of Applied Science

Team: Michael Verdel, Mohammad Afkhami, Paige Lucas-Dean, Sheila Guo

People nowadays often feel ‘green washed’ from the constant exposure to media showing them various climate catastrophes and the social pressure that is put on them every day to make the correct sustainable choices. It can feel overwhelming when we put individual effort and fundamental systematic change into perspective. As a result, people gradually refuse to listen to the hard facts, shying away from the truth about the possible future the earth could be headed to.
We decided to work on an interactive solution to invite more audiences to the discussion. Our idea was to focus on a less discussed topic, people’s shopping habits and the level of co2 that they cause with the buying decisions they make. READ MORE


Client: Ijsfontein

Team: Camila Cañaveral, Daniela Verisanu, Jessica Galvao, Kristiady Hidayat

Developers and Operation Managers in the IT industry work together yet struggle in their communication, which causes disruptions in their workflow. But what if there was a way to help their communication flow smoother and optimize their workflow by bringing them together?

Two IT Consultants approached us to explore the root of the problem between these types of workers and solve it through an analogue game with very limited game mechanics in order to be piloted at an IT event. READ MORE


Client: Sonarski

Team: Ana Krstevska, Olico Matsjitadze, Vilma Turkki

Digital twins of public assets are 3D digital representations acquired with high-end laser technology, and used across municipalities in The Netherlands for predictive maintenance. For example, scanning a canal for two consecutive years allows maintenance project managers to quickly and precisely find any damage that has occurred in one year and repair it before the damage becomes significant and dangerous. Despite the value, digital twins are not used to their full potential due to a combination of factors like time, resources, storage and more. This project provides exhaustive research into the pains of municipalities related to the use of digital twins and a digital solution addressing them. READ MORE


Client: Digital Catapult

Team: Ana Krstevska, Bita Majidi, Carmen Torné, Michael Verdel

Despite living in times of record advancements in medicine, serious food-related allergic reactions are at their highest. More often than not, pre-packaged foods come with missing or unreadable allergen information and ambiguous icons, hindering all people and especially those with accessibility issues. Lupa is an app that tackles accidental consumption of allergens by providing a clearer visualisation and personalised product recommendations. READ MORE

Sustainable Path

Client: Booking.com

Team: Lorena Rege Turo, Christia Spiratos, Ludvig Stigell, Vilma Turkki

How can sustainable travel be promoted when loyalty programmes generally reward the users’ frequency of travel? Does this frequency approach to loyalty programmes still fit people’s needs? We were challenged to find innovative ways to promote sustainable travel and increase brand loyalty for Booking.com. READ MORE

The Bike Duel

Client: Creative Media For Social Change

Team: Christia Spiratos, Lorena Rege Turo, Ludvig Stigell, Vilma Turkki

The ArenAPoort arenas in Amsterdam welcome up to 80,000 visitors during days with large events, many of whom are travelling by car. The environmental impact of the travels is a major concern which is why the research group Creative Media for Social Change asked us to explore new ways of influencing people in travelling environmentally friendly. READ MORE


Client: Amsterdam Public Library (OBA)

Team: Elif Kuvanlık, Emma Koole, Melissa Akkoc, Xabyne van Veen

Every year, 80.000 people arrive in The Netherlands to build a new life. With the war in Ukraine, this number raised by an extra 62.260. With no network and a language barrier, it’s vital to guide these people in their integration process. The Amsterdam Public Library (OBA) is here to help with that, to make knowledge and culture accessible to all Amsterdammers. READ MORE


Client: Dutch Electric Aviation Centre & HVA Aviation Management & stichting DEAC

Team: Melissa Akkoc, Simon de Rooij, Tizian Fendt

Electric airplanes are a very new concept in the field of aviation. The goal of this emerging field is to fly cleaner, quieter, cheaper, and in a more fuel-efficient manner. However, most airports don’t know how to manage those airplanes yet. READ MORE

Hotbox Plus

Client: Innovation Catalyzer

Team: Bharat, Hymke Hemstra, Ludovica Rossi, Nupur Priya

In the last few years, the global pandemic has accelerated the growth and expansion of food delivery businesses. This has led to a shift in customer behavior toward the convenience of cooked meals delivered to their doorstep. As a result, there is more pressure to provide high-quality food experiences at home. Restaurant managers usually juggle multiple responsibilities to ensure order preparations, preserving food quality during deliveries or managing riders. READ MORE


Client: AUAS Aviation Management Unit, Dutch Electrical Aviation Centre

Team: Alan Ayoubi, Elif Kuvanlık, Tudor Cora, Xabyne van Veen

The aviation industry is changing, and more electric aeroplanes appear. The Dutch Electrical Aviation Centre tested its first electric aircraft, the Cessna 337 Skymaster, flying over the country. Unfortunately, they noticed electric planes could not land, park, or charge safely due to airport employees' ignorance of this new technology. READ MORE

The Empathy Lab

Client: Creative Media For Social Change

Team: Alan Ayoubi, Elif Kuvanlık, Tudor Cora, Xabyne van Veen

As our society becomes more diverse, addressing inclusion becomes more eloquent. However, awareness is lacking at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) as communities aren’t adequately represented. This makes students feel uncomfortable sharing their stories and emotions. With this in mind, we designed an inclusive space at the Benno Premselahuis of AUAS. Empathy will serve as the centre, where students feel recognized and can engage together in different ways. READ MORE

A Visit to Emma

Client: Visual Methodologies

Team: Anastasia Maimescu, Lorena Rege Turo, Ludvig Stigell, Nina Floor Post

According to author Amitav Ghosh (2016) the climate crisis is not only a planetary crisis but also "a crisis of the imagination". All those figures and numbers about our future are scary and devastating. Imagining living in a future with all these catastrophes is hard. But we must, because "how do we move forward to a future that we cannot imagine?" (Johnson, 2020)

Our client, Visual Methodologies, is exploring new methods to engage the public with climate change issues and is researching Climate Fiction (Cli-Fi) representation on social media. Their challenge for us was to create a tool that engages people in imagining the future of climate change. READ MORE


Client: Amsterdam UMC

Team: Benjamin Priego Walter, Flavio Valcarce, Milena Schwill, Sheila Guo

Diabetes Type 1 is a sensitive topic, resulting in confusing lifestyle changes, especially if you are diagnosed in your teens. One of such changes is the necessity to calculate your carbohydrates, which affects the amount of insulin you need to take. We took this challenge to create an experience that teaches teens with diabetes Type 1 to determine how much insulin they need. READ MORE

TomTom My drive 2.0

Client: TomTom

Team: Kristiady Hidayat, Jessica Galvao, Marianna Bonellou, Wenjia Wang

TomTom’s MyDrive app was developed years ago to help TomTom owners connect their device to the internet and get the all-important real-time traffic information. But the app is difficult to pair with the device, offers a few outdated functions and is confusing to the users. How can we make it work seamlessly and ensure that the user is fully in control? Can we seize the opportunity to give TomTom customers a better driving experience? How can we keep them engaged longer with the brand they love so much? READ MORE