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Improving carbohydrates estimation abilities

Diabetes affects an estimated 422 million people worldwide. The number of cases and prevalence have steadily increased in recent decades, having an impact on people's quality of life. Personalised self-management strategies, such as carb counting, have shown to help people maintain their quality of life. But sometimes, counting carbs to calculate insulin dose can be a difficult task. Blood glucose levels may fluctuate if the dosage is not calculated properly.

Our clients created a smart pocketable nutrition scale that is much smaller than any conventional nutrition scale on the market to help people newly diagnosed with diabetes. This nutrition scale, unlike a regular scale, lacks a display and weight indication, but it can be easily connected to a person's smartphone.


Our goal was to create a digital companion to the smart scale that simplifies carb counting, provides insightful information, encourages users to become more educated through frequent use of the app, and provides a useful and enjoyable interaction.

So, we created "Betta," a digital companion to the smart scale that improves estimation abilities of newly diagnosed patients, particularly teenagers aged 10 to 14 years.


To accomplish this goal, we began by learning about not only food tracking apps, but also edutainment apps relevant to our target audience. Furthermore, in-depth expert and user interviews were conducted to better understand the challenges that newly diagnosed patients face during the diabetes management process, particularly carb counting.

Based on the information gathered, we determined that our target audience required less stress during this process. Furthermore, using the scale and application may be useful only in the early years after diagnosis, as users rely solely on their carbs estimation abilities in later years.

We decided to take an edutainment approach to educate teenagers in an engaging way that will encourage them to continue learning. To educate and facilitate the process of tracking food and counting carbs. We created "Betta," a digital companion to the smart scale that makes carb counting easier by improving your estimation abilities. It delivers the right information quickly and easily through a delightful experience. Users can choose a goal, track food, log activities, add favourites, and raise awareness while playing a game.

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