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We are proud to showcase some of the works by this year's group of students of the Master Digital Design.

From tackling healthcare challenges to bringing cohesiveness among citizens - this year's projects once more speak to the diverse nature of our students' talent and interests.

Check out the videos and click 'read more' to read the full case study.

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Join us Tuesday 29 June online for a full day of design talks.

Together with guest speakers from the design field, our students will present their projects live and engage in discussions on design matters.

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Respite in the Noise

Client: Exterion Media

Students: Aljoscha Gleser, Annejet Bosman, Elias Hazar, Svitlana Khrystenko

This project tackles anxiety in public spaces through Digital out-of-home advertisement. We created a meditative breathing exercise that propels passersby in public spaces, across multiple contexts, to consider taking a moment to de-stress. It’s a social impact driven experimentation aimed to target soaring stress and anxiety levels during a pandemic. The process relied heavily on testing and research in order to validate and falsify some ideas. READ MORE

The Lost Magic of Dagon

Client: Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Students: Claire Crawford, Ihsan Yahya, Noy Gvishi, Odin Shadmi

Dagon is a smart, magical occupational therapy game for children with Cerebral Palsy. The game centres on Vesper, a seeker with special hand abilities who performs ancient magic to recover the lost magic for the villagers. The children play by performing certain hand movements captured by LEAP Motion - a hand-tracking device. This creates a scaffolding play design to enhance the child's hand abilities in everyday tasks. READ MORE


Client:TransformCity & Citizen Data Lab

Students: Kourosh Gharehdaghi, Yagmur Aydogmus, Jessica Livon, Lara van der Sluijs

Cities like Amsterdam are moving towards a bottom-up approach for community development. Through citizen empowerment tools, neighborhoods are aiming for a more democratic and collaborative way to develop their area. Still, community initiatives are dealing with complex stakeholder management and they struggle to get closer to the municipality to get their ideas off the ground. In our project we worked together with TransformCity and Citizen DataLab to look for new possibilities and tools to streamline the process of citizen empowerment tools. Co-tainer is a new format for neighborhood development that makes use of both digital and traditional ways of participation. It's there for people to share their opinion and co-create ideas towards a topic relevant to their community. READ MORE


Client: ARCAM

Students: Aljoscha Gleser, Bianca Brandner, Jessica Livon, Lena Overkamp

The city of Amsterdam has an abundance of smart data which can be used to support a conversation on future city development-with citizens, experts, and politicians. But how? We compared different technologies and combined its best features in one solution. M4D is a tablet app which visualizes data in an augmented reality layer on a map of Amsterdam and can be used collaboratively. It offers dynamic 3D visualizations on a variety of topics and can be used as a shared experience in a public space or individually at home. READ MORE

Druktemeter Hilversum

Client: Robot Kittens

Students: Beatrice Neacsu, Carmel Wilderink, Lennart Stoelwinder, Ruben Kok

Our team created an ecosystem of products within our customer journey with the goal to make an existing service, called the Druktemeter, become more visible. The Druktemeter shows how crowded the city centre of Hilversum. However, the citizens of Hilversum do not use this service at the moment. That’s why our team developed products like a data-driven origami within an installation for first encounters with citizens, a Web App for daily use, and campaigns to familiarize locals with the products. READ MORE

Colourblind Seer

Client: Personal Project

Student: Zachary Manning

Colourblindness affects about 5% of the world’s population with varying degrees of severeness. You may have seen videos of colourblind individuals being given special glasses that allows them to see a fuller spectrum of colours. But for the other 95% I think it’s important that we understand exactly how this 5% sees the world. The Colourblind Seer helps designer see the physical world through the lenses of those who are colourblind, so that they can design better and in a more inclusive manner. READ MORE


Client: Rijksmuseum & Philips

Students: Samira El Messoudi, Nicoletta Manella, Jessica Helaskoski, Nisala Sathyajith Saheed

Our project centres around the personal experiences of discrimination/marginalization of people who live in The Netherlands. We have found through our research that privileged people often look to marginalized individuals’ real stories as a starting point for conversations around broken systems. As a result, we use audio-visual storytelling techniques to expose the subtle, hidden, and more nuanced narratives around discrimination as a guiding tool for dialogue in casual spaces. Not all forms of marginalization are overt, and these are the experiences that can easily be overlooked. These stories are hosted in an online database, but will be actively displayed in a pop-up experience which links the historical stories provided by Rijksmuseum’s &Slavery project to people’s modern experiences. READ MORE

The Invisible Cages

Client: Rijksmuseum & Philips

Students: Tatiana Vanegas, Nour Sadat, Carmel Wilderink, Steven Limandjaja

The Rijksmuseum was planning for an exhibition to tell the story from the enslaved people’s perspective, shedding light on personal stories and defining a suitable way for the Dutch society to look at the colonial past instead of framing it as The Golden Age. At the same time, Philips was keen on educating their employees about anti-racism by enabling a respectful discussion. Our role was to bridge both approaches by surprising people about an unacknowledged historical event in the most popular places in Amsterdam, then provide them with tools to acknowledge it and discuss it. READ MORE

The Last Drop

Client: Lijfering

Students: Zachary Manning, Astrid Anna van Rooij, Marie-Claire Springham, Giannis Xenofos

Of all the drinks in the supermarket, 5 to 10 percent go to waste. To avoid paying the price, supermarkets send stock back to the wholesaler two months before expiry date. The drinks stay here until they’re thrown out.

Lijfering is one of the companies facing this problem. It’s a shame because those beverages are perfect, they haven’t expired yet.

We are saving those drinks - by setting up The Last Drop. With mystery boxes of favourite beverages, art, and more, we are battling waste and making the difference. One drop at a time. READ MORE

Art by Us

Client: Research Group Civic Interaction Design

Students: Joey van Gessel, Miriam Loos, Sophie de Haan, Steven Limandjaja

Human-induced climate change is a pressing issue and concerns everyone. Although climate has always been changing, we are accelerating it in an unprecedented speed that is putting our ability to live on earth at risk. From city to city, the effects vary: while there are explicit effects connected to geography, there are as well implicit ones that emerge depending on the way locals behave. Art by Us allows the visitors to see both. In an interactive painting that shows the city of Amsterdam, they can witness the direct changes on the city and the local weather. Depending on the direction to which they walk, they will see two different future-scenarios: one where change comes from us; and the other where climate keeps changing without intervention. In addition, the exhibition features slightly modified renowned paintings that show the indirect changes on citizens’ everyday life caused by global warming. READ MORE

The Plate Project

Client: Northumbria University

Students:Yagmur Aydogmus, Samira El Messaoudi, Miriam Loos, Zachary Manning, Obafemi Omitiran

Food production and waste account for over 26% of all global emissions, causing biodiversity loss, freshwater withdrawals, and more. Amsterdam’s aim to become fully circular by 2050 demands a plan of action from the city as well as from its citizens. How can we educate people about the impact of food and facilitate debate around this topic? READ MORE

Clothed Loop

Client: Personal Project

Students: Miriam Loos, Yagmur Aydogmus

Buying fashion items online has never been this easy and the demand is constantly increasing. But the trend leads to growing numbers of returns, leading to several negative consequences, one of them being more waste. To break this vicious cycle, we need to create public awareness about the issue. Our awareness campaign consists of a series of animated videos and a supportive website that provides more information and acts as a platform for sustainable fashion. READ MORE

Police Innovation Platform

Client: Dutch National Police

Students: Jim Kraan, Julia van Hulst, Mandy Losk, Robin Tepe

In a time where it’s easier to steal your grandma’s data than her purse, the Dutch Police needs to keep innovating. High-level innovation projects require high-level tools. Because, let’s be honest, when talking about innovation, spreadsheets won’t do it anymore. READ MORE

Collection do Povo

Client: Archival Consciousness

Students: Bianca Brandner, Lena Overkamp, Martijn Fleurkens, Tatiana Vanegas  

The more we go into the future, the more the knowledge of the past and present is lost. Libraries and archives try to save knowledge by digitizing books but fail to collect the emerging knowledge from researchers’ work – interpretations, notes, connections and references. Collection do Povo is an online platform that enables researchers to contribute to and grow the content of a library by annotating words on book pages. These annotations create an interconnected graph of themes and topics which helps researchers to be inspired and discover correlations between books. READ MORE


Client:Connecting Cinemas & Research Group Civic Interaction Design

Students: Nicoletta Mannella, Odin Shadmi, Robin Tepe, Simona Vargas Paraschivoiu

The Connected Cinemas are five rural cinemas across Europe, connected to the Civic Interaction Design research group at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. They want to attract a younger audience to their cinemas by offering a service that could differentiate them from streaming services and megaplexes. We were asked to tackle this issue with a playful digital media installation. READ MORE

From Prevention To Resilience

Client: Research Group Civic Interaction Design

Students: Kays Nayseh, Nour Sadat, Luca Lago, Carlos Rodríguez

More than a year later, there is still uncertainty on what will be the new normal. The severe restrictions imposed on society forced people into unusual routines and unsought distancing measures. While these measures were supposed to protect humanity from the pandemic, the harms it has caused to people’s wellbeing are only now starting to be noticed, and the toughest realization is how vulnerable we are as a society. READ MORE

Join us on Tuesday 29 June

Together with guests from the design industry, our students will present their projects and engage in discussion on matters related to digital design.

We are streaming live from our premises and you can Jon the events online - and even ask any questions to our guests and students.

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