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Nisala Sathyajith Saheed



I believe that Design transcends its solutionist approach to societal problems and is instead a way of intervening im systems that create imbalances in our lives. Research, respect, empathy and understanding are essential to produce such interventions.

At New York University Abu Dhabi I studied Visual Arts and Design, but also Sociology, as I find that understanding people, how we function, and how we interact with one another are integral in producing appealing, but also accessible experiences. At Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, I continued my design education integrating my passion for post colonial studies and non-western design traditions into my design exploration.

I view Design both as a form of research and also as an emotional and not wholly scientific process. I want my design practice to be defined by my connection to people and ecosystems that transcend the hierarchy that place humans at the top of a taxonomic and evolutionary system.

Much of the design world is oriented through western-centric traditions, and while this has been successful in certain parts of the world, I find that non-western and previously colonized societies have traditions, visual cultures, and ideals that can become pivotal in our quest for progress. I hope to bring this system of values to the design practice, in order to develop a more global and integrated approach to education, inclusion, expression, and heritage.

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