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Rowan Verbraak

2018 - 2019
Investing in the future means prioritising retention over conversion and creating long lasting user-product relationships and services


Are you not afraid of the words disruptive, complex and ethical? Good, let's join hands! I am the kind of designer who thinks and sees big, but also looks at the details. Strategy, research and concept development are what I live for, because there I can immersive myself in a topic. Which topic does not matter that much, I actually like to learn new and completely different things. For example in the past I worked on posture improvement, design trends, child nutrition, sharing platforms, etc.

What I often miss in the design community is long-term thinking. Any small design artefact or element can have the potential to grow into something much bigger, much more influential, be it for the good or for the bad. Bringing the rationale on long term effects early on into the concept, one might anticipate a change in target audience behaviour over the years. You can ride the wave of change instead of running away from it.

I am very grateful to the Master Digital Design because it was the best high-intensity, multi-disciplinary, design incubator. The close cooperation with fellow students from different design disciplines and clients was the best part. I hope to bring this open, inspiring studio culture to a company where I get to work next. Very ready for such a challenge!

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