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Philips Design Trend Driven Platform

Setting Trends

Trends - on vastly different levels and areas - are a key asset to the design, research and development departments of Philips. In order to anticipate user and market needs, a selection of trend specialists inside Philips Design collect, filter and translate information.

Over the years Philips has been collecting key information that allow them to design better products. However, the sharing of this knowledge currently lacks structure and method. As a result, the collected data is not organised in a central spot, is complicated to access, and is distributed in too many different platforms.

MDD Team to the Rescue

We’re obviously no super-heroes but we took it as our mission to design a visual and sustainable platform where all information is collected, visualised, linked and accessible. Because this information is used and located throughout Philips’ different departments, we conducted interviews and paper prototyping to gauge the needs and preferences of the company’s diverse set of employees.

The Challenge

The real challenge of this project then showed itself: from the results it became clear people’s opinions are highly polarized. Almost everyone had a different vision about how the system would benefit their work - be it in a personalised feed, a data visualisation, the use of videos, or just a plain old search. Of course, this didn’t stop us. This challenge simply made it more interesting.

The Result

The differences in opinion inspired us to come up with a concept that is open for own ways of interacting, allowing for each employee to work with the platform in a manner they find the most convenient to them.

We are currently iterating on the design, the used taxonomy and the visual language, closely together with our client.

So, a sequel should follow soon…

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