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Marije de Haas

Head of Programme


As a designer, researcher, and aspiring teacher, I'm constantly seeking to broaden my knowledge and skills. My passion lies in exploring how design can help create a better future, particularly in the face of complex and uncertain challenges. Despite the difficulties inherent in tackling these wicked problems, I remain optimistic and driven to effect positive change.

I'm fortunate to be located in the heart of Europe, surrounded by opportunities for collaboration and learning. In this environment, I believe that the Master Digital Design programme has tremendous potential to help us move towards a more sustainable and equitable world.

Over the years, I've gained both deep and broad experience in design. I originate from an art-school education and spent many years as a practitioner before transitioning into teaching and research. During my time in London, I founded and managed a design agency that served clients ranging from small arts organizations to global brands like Nike. Since relocating to Sweden, I've been running an innovation lab called Floda31, where specialists from diverse fields can come together to explore different ways of doing.

My work as a lecturer at Umeå Institute of Design, as well as my PhD research at Loughborough University, has focused on using design to address ethical dilemmas. Specifically, I've explored the use of speculative design to create embodied thought experiments and artifacts that can help us imagine new possibilities and highlight potential unintended consequences.

Above all, I'm excited to have the opportunity to work with a team of experts and super-talented students from all walks of life to explore the affordances of digital technologies in design together.

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