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Angella Mackey

Lecturer in Design Processes & Design Futures


I’m a Canadian designer with a background in media art and fashion. I have a decade of design experience in the field of 'wearables' and smart textiles, where I’ve designed garments for a wide range of industries, from medical to fashion, to commercial space travel.

I’ve also lectured extensively in commercial contexts on the design challenges of integrating electronics into garments––aimed mostly at de-emphasising technological innovation and focusing more on socio-cultural aspects and implications of placing technology on the body.

After learning a lot about this field, in 2015 I moved to research so I could be more playful and explorative in my design approach. Towards this, I’m currently completing a doctoral degree on the topic of dynamic, digital materials in fashion.

Overall, my practise is heavily based on a research-through-design approach, and I’m driven both by a curiosity and skepticism for what 'the digital' can offer human experiences.

At the Master Digital Design, my main role is to teach Design Processes. In my class, there’s emphasis on exploratory and unorthodox ways of navigating a design challenge. We mix structured methods with more intuitive design approaches and help you see the value in both.

Don’t think. Just make!
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