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Scrum workshop with key partner Informaat

On March 16, Ineke van Gelder, Maartje Aangenendt and Marcel Kosters (Informaat) offered an intensive Scrum workshop for the students of the Master’s in Digital Design.

Informaat is a design and consultancy agency for digital products and services, as well as a key partner for our programme in 2017/18. The request for an overview on Scrum and other similar methodologies came from the students themselves, and we are thrilled that Informaat agreed to present a condensed version of their industry-oriented workshop.

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Credits: Gabriele Ferri
Credits: Gabriele Ferri

The general Scrum Guide is available at http://www.scrumguides.org

More information on Informaat is at http://informaat.nl

Credits: Gabriele Ferri
Credits: Gabriele Ferri
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