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Master Digital Design Takes on New Partner Approach

Master Digital Design calls for support from the Dutch creative industry. Companies and organsations can become partners and directly contribute with their input to the programme while being in close contact with future design talent.

Paul Geurts and Cíntia Taylor have been appointed as the new faces behind Partner Relations at the Master Digital Design. The two are taking on a different approach where business relations and communication merge to form a more cohesive and structured partner management. It equally sees a far more durable, continuous, and sustainable relationship between the programme and its partners.

Contributing to Design Education

The Master in Digital Design relies on external financing in order to provide the quality of education it offers its students – from two luxurious studios to a Lab equipped with anything needed to build digital and physical products (3D printing, VR, AR, etc).

Until now, this funding came through projects provided by companies and organizations, which allowed students to put their newly acquired skills into practice.

The new model sees a different financial construction where, depending on the contribution, partners have access to exclusive events, trainings, direct contact with students, and may even be involved in deciding on one of the main themes of the year. This provides the Dutch design industry with a stronger voice in the direction of the education of future digital design leaders.

Call to Dutch Creative Industries

Head of Programme Gabriele Ferri is confident about the new approach: “We envision a lively community of design practitioners for our students to be immersed in. We call on the Dutch creative sector to help us educate the next generation of talented designers who can drive positive change through digital design and tackle the needs of industry and society. Cíntia Taylor and Paul Geurts will be on the lookout for new contacts to add to the Master Digital Design community of partners.”

Design Agencies

Also Dutch design agencies have a role to play in the new model. Those involved commit to coaching students bi-weekly throughout the year, providing masterclasses and workshops, and advising students on portfolios and career trajectory. This provides them with a close contact with new talent.

Bridging talent and industry

Partner Relations Cíntia Taylor and Paul Geurts will be reaching out to potential partners in the coming times.

“Partners are valuable to the programme,” says Geurts, who has been involved in the master from the beginning and is coordinator of the programme. “We are a studio-based education that brings in real-life briefs from organisations for our students to work on. On the other hand, continuous contact with design professionals is key for the development of our students who can be exposed to different approaches.”

Taylor joined the Master Digital Design in 2018 and has been responsible for promoting the work and talent of the students. With her background in journalism, film, and design, she equally coaches students in storytelling, writing, and presentation skills.  

Taylor: “We have experienced a disconnect between partners and students and we want to close that gap. Companies and agencies need talent.  And we have that talent. So, we bridge that gap. By working closely with our students, agencies and companies can see how they approach design and projects. Culture and mentality are just as important as craftmanship.”    

The new approach was workshopped at a series of strategy meetings moderated by consultants Bert Hagendoorn and Laura van den Boom and it has been approved by some of the closest partners of the programme, who, together, are deciding on the best track to follow for the education of the new digital design leaders of the Netherlands.

If you would like to partner up with the Master Digital Design get in touch with us.

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