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Lecturer Angella Mackey obtains a Ph.D.

Congratulations are in order to our Design Processes lecturer Angella Mackey for completing her Ph.D. at Eindhoven University of Technology.

Angella’s dissertation on Rethinking Dynamic Fabric through Wearing and Designing aims to “ground an understanding of dynamic fabric in empirical, autoethnographic investigations, looking at what it is like to wear dynamic fabric in everyday life, and what it is like for a fashion designer to design with it.”

It is not the first time Angella studies this type of material. Her background in media art and fashion had already made her curious about the possibilities in combining technology and wearables.

“I had a lot of questions that came from my previous practise as a designer working in wearables,” says Angella. “Mainly, do we even want to wear technology on our body? This lead me on a path to interrogate some of the promises of a particular kind of wearable technology that has been widely explored and developed - dynamic, colour-changing fabrics - or, soft fabrics that can change like a computer screen. I decided to wear this kind of fabric and design clothing with it to see what would happen working with it over a long period of time.”

Angella made her defense on 27 October in Eindhoven in the presence of family and colleagues from both the Eindhoven University of Technology and Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

The dissertation can be read here.

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